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a magical moment


a magical moment

Post by Paul on Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:20 pm

I was not previously open to the irrational. A friend told me about Reiki a few months ago.
Without much conviction, but with much curiosity, I went to receive care from a therapist in my area. I must say that I was going through an intense period of stress with extreme fatigue accumulated for over a year already.

I am lying on his table, and then, I found myself enveloped in a cocoon of hot and intensity that both protected me and once aspiring within it the whole fatigue I felt in my drain body, such as tingling sucked to the outside of my body. But in fact, I realize that words fail to describe this experience that I described as crazy a few hours before.

The treatment lasted an hour and I found myself quite new, like a child just born. I feel much calmer, more serene, detached and yet so present. What happiness! Back in my work, everyone was watching me from the corner of the eye, wondering what had could have happened to me to be so. It's really a magical experience, but so difficult to describe with words ...

Have you had similar experiences? I need to share.

Magic Moments

Post by Uriel on Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:40 am

Hi Paul

Something similair happened to me.

I was going through a traumatic period in my life when my sister (who I had not seen for many years told me that she was Reiki Level 2) I had no idea!!! So I decided to give it a try whilst I was visting UK (I live in France).I drove to the UK and my satelite navigation system took me directly to my sisters house even though I had not programmed her address into my system (no need when I was living in the UK) very bizzare!!! My sister pointed me in the direction of her Reiki Master who gave me a 1 hour treatment. My mind was in so much turmoil before I went, but during the treatment everything became very clear in my mind. Strange things were happnening to me and the Reiki Master was very much in tune with my thoughts and feelings. Familiar music that related to episodes of my life could be heard outside the treatment room. When I enquired if this was usual the Reiki Master said that the band playing the music outside her treatment room had never been there before, it was a one off occasion for a wedding exhibition being held that week!!The session was draining and releiving both at the same time and I felt as though I had known the Reiki Master all my life. I went back again for another session before returning to the UK and this time the Reiki was very different, relaxing, soothing, calming and my mind was completely free of any trauma and confusion.
I returned to France a completely different and new person and wished to continue with Reiki. I was fortunate enough to find "Divine Light" on this forum, who has taken me through to Reiki Level 2 and helped me stay on the right path. Thank you DIVINE LIGHT you have shown me a new way of life. I will make sure that with the help of RIEKI that I never venture down that path again. I have been so inspired that I have created a website called if any of you would like to share your stories. There is very little information in English here in France for people interested in Reiki, but many English people over here would like to know more and try it.

Everyone should at least try REIKI once in a lifetime Reiki Hands
Divine Light
Divine Light

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Re: a magical moment

Post by Divine Light on Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:09 pm

Thank you, Paul, for sharing your wonderful testimonial Smile and Welcome to REIKI FORUM ! Welcome

As for you, dear Uriel, I know who you are! and I was really happy to know your complete Reiki story.
and I am very prout and sincerely honored to be able to be a part of your Reiki journey :china:

Love & Light to you

Senior Member
Senior Member

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Re: a magical moment

Post by Maya on Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:27 am

I was in a seminar out of the country, when my arm started to feel great pain. It was that much to handle, that I started feeling dizzy and during the brake I sat on a sofa away from the crowd. A woman from my country sat beside me and I told her "sorry, but I am in pain and can't speak". So she offered to massage me a little. Then she told me that she takes a reiki and siatsu treatment now and then so that's how she knows what she did to me and if I like, she can give me the phone of her healer. My arm that was in constant pain all day through, was healed just like that, so I thought "if she did that much without it being her proffession, I wonder what the healer can do!!". So I took her phone.

Returning home I called her and payed a visit to the healer. Her home had such a nice energy and decor! Low lighting and soft carpets and pillows on the flour... We talked for a while about me and any health problems and then had the reiki treatment with a little siatsu in it. I thought that it would just be a massage, at the moment I was no aware it wasn't. Then had a little talk again. She asked me how I was feeling but I was not sure what she meant. I knew I felt relaxed and loved. It was something simple, but something new as well. The most amazing thing about it, was the fact that this feeling was there for several days and I was hoping not to end. I thought to myself "My body and soul is so soft, I am loved and I love everything. Even if sb strikes me, I won't feel any pain. I will return back love".

Unfortunately this doesn't hold for a lifetime, plus this healer was way too expensive. So some months later, I met this woman of the seminar who asked me why I didn't continue the healings. I felt that there was no privacy and thanked god I didn't continue, but while she reminted me my experience and since I had some issues in my life, I started searching of it a lot through internet.

I have found a teacher who doesn't ask for money and seems to know a lot. I am not quite sure yet if it is the right choise of teacher, but I can't hold myself, all I know is I WANT to take reiki classes. I want to heal myself on a daily basis, as long as meditate and learn who I am. I want to heal friends and family. Plus I am thinking of making some extra money now and then, from strangers who wants to have a reiki healing experience. I even want to make a zen reiki room in my house for me and other people, just like the one this healer I was to had.

I know I can't wait long, it is a matter of one or two months.

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Re: a magical moment

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