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    Experience after attunements


    Female Capricorn Posts : 97
    Points : 136
    Location : France
    Job/hobbies : Painting - Pilates - Travelling - Neale Donald Walsch - swimming - yoga - meditation

    Experience after attunements

    Post by uriel on Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:46 am

    Hello everyone

    After my 1st attunement I experienced many colours and warmth. I had visions of animals and outlines of heads always leaning on the left. These visions kept appearing for several days after my attunement which I found confusing. Divine Light very kindly helped and reassured me that it was perfectly normal and the visions and colours meant several different things.

    After level 2 attunement I was much more relaxed and open to the different visions and feelings. For several nights I thought I was experiencing very vivid dreams, ( i was in bed with the window open) then I realised I was in a state of meditation and not sleep. When looking outside the window into the dark night I had saw a green glowing outline of an Archangel!This was followed by several egyptian images - which appeared for some time. I felt completely relaxed and not at all afraid and fell into a deep relaxing sleep.

    These visions stopped a few weeks after my attunements but I became very aware that I had a 6th sense and was predicting events days before they happened.

    I try to meditate on a regular basis and also use oracle cards on a daily basis, which help to give me direction.

    Since discovering Reiki (with the guidance from Divine Light) I have become more aware of my own feelings and have more compassion for others.

    As I discover more about myself and follow my true feelings I find it sometimes conflicts with the way I live.It is a very difficult choice sometimes, and not always possible to choose the right path when other people are involved.

    Thank you for Reiki.

    Love and light to you all
    Full Member
    Full Member

    Female Capricorn Posts : 9
    Points : 11

    Re: Experience after attunements

    Post by Adia on Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:15 pm

    Awesome, you discovered one of your gifts Smile

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