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Why I believe in Reiki



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Why I believe in Reiki

Post by stu_mex on Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:35 am

Why i believe in Reiki

Universal enegy?Heal by touch? What is this other mumbo jumbo? These references to ''Universl energy'' i mean come on you dont really expect people to believe this stuff do you?

To many ,at first, Reiki may just seem like some off the wall new age mumbo jumbo but is that really all it is?Lets take a look.

Reiki is said to be the use of universal energy.What could that be?

First lets answer a few questions. The air,atmosphere around us contains many types of energy, plenty of it man made also. There are radio waves,tv waves, now wifi waves and many other natural waves out there. Ever had a tv that as you tried to fix the reception it got better just by you touching it?Or just being close to it? This is your body channeling energy in the form of tv waves.not only that but doing a better job than the man made equipment for this job.One could gather from this that the body can and does channel energy, here in a form that we can all see and understand.

Well ok i'll buy that but how bout that flaky distance reiki i mean come on now,

Oh dont think that energy travels long distance huh? Right now if you went and got an allband world radio and turned it on you could get signals from all over the world. This is amazing!I In the Americas you can get signals from theUk and europe, sometimes China but all over. Now do you think the signals are just there when the radio is there?Of course not we know the enegy in the form of these radios is the there all the time and the radio just converts this universal energy into sound energy and then we can hear it.But how bout that station that you can just barely hear? You know what you need to do, touch the antenna and channel the enegy! We all know we can expect the signal to improve ,again an improvement of reception using our body to channel the energy,but this time across oceans and great distances!

ok ok i guess you got me there.Well how bout that flaky crap with the crystals i mean come on really!

Again a very logical explanation,again lets look at science!!

The first radios and the simplest to build use a CRYSTAL!!! Thats right a CRYSTAL! The crystals determine the frequency and are attached to a power supply to convert to sound energy and anantenna of sorts. So then a practioner adds crystals to any energy treatment what is gong on? A really great antenna,receiver( a persons body)and the crystal to recieve or tune in the energy.What is missing here is a power supply and converter to convert the energy to sound waves, this is the only real difference in thecircuit of this and a radio. But the practitioner doesn't want to convert this energy to sound they just want to channel it to use this energy in the treatment.The real question here is not if reiki and the use of energy crystals works or is true but HOW COULD IT NOT BE TRUE with what we know and from a scientific standpoint?

The power of Reiki was told to us thousands of years ago. Oh it was not called Reiki but it was described as ''the power to heal by touch'', the Bible spoke of this power. This is my belief is that Reiki is a standardized form or way to channel this energy! Tthat Reiki simply teaches us to use what was mentioned in the Bible.Other religions may have spoken of this power also,i dont know and my knowledge of other religions is limited.

When Reiki and universal energy ar looked at ,using science, all knowledge that we are aware of at this time, in my opinion, conclusively prove the power of Reiki.
Divine Light

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Re: Why I believe in Reiki

Post by Divine Light on Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:39 am

Hi Stuart,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

what a beautiful description of energy and Reiki!

Continue to share your thoughts with all of us here.

Love & Light
Full Member
Full Member

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Re: Why I believe in Reiki

Post by AmonRa on Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:23 am

Hi there Smile

If you like the radio wave analogy, please check out my old blog... it's not updated much, but I think I compiled some interesting stuff there.



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Re: Why I believe in Reiki

Post by stu_mex on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:30 pm

AmonRa wrote:Hi there Smile

If you like the radio wave analogy, please check out my old blog... it's not updated much, but I think I compiled some interesting stuff there.


I went to your blog and read the aricle, yes you have it right!! I did bookmark yourblog and will check it out from now on, good sstuff! and Thanks!

Full Member
Full Member

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Re: Why I believe in Reiki

Post by naturepixie on Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:53 pm

Love what you wrote stu_mex.... and I checked out your blog AomRa, I also book marked it.

Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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Re: Why I believe in Reiki

Post by Sponsored content

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