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Hebs for the Flu


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Hebs for the Flu Empty Hebs for the Flu

Post by stu_mex on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:32 pm

There is help for the swine flu.those of you familiar with herbals are aware how many modern medicines

are made with herbs. There are herbs that have been used for thousands of years to fight flu. Lets look at a few.

The new swine flu panedemic has spread rapidly throughout the planet, containment just a folly at this point.

Which leaves us with vaccinations, maybe that will happen. Modern medicines and time tested herbs. The preffered anti viral

for this flu is Tamiflu. The key ingredient to tamiflu is Shikimic acid. This acid is found in several herbs. Star Anise is the main

source of this key ingredient of Tamiflu. Ninety percent of the world´s supply of Star Anise is bought by Roche, the makers of

Tamiflu. But that leaves ten percent for us herbalists!! Which is plenty! Roche has said it extracts one dose from 13 grams of star

anise. that is not alot of herb to receive the tremendous results that Tamiflu brings. So we need to extract this from star anise. First

do not use any type of anise it needs to be star anise. No anisette does not have star anise in it. Pastis is a French liquer that

contains star anise. They drink a fair amount of this and i believe they drink this in the summer, right now before flu season!!! The

Chinese have used this herb for thousands of years. The herb is grown in China and in the north of Vietnam. Which brings up a

point of tamiflu resistant issues. My take on it is that if the Chinese have used this herb for thousands of years and the French

drink it in a liquer then maybe it is not going to become resistant in the next few years because a few of us use it !! This herb has

been used for thousands of years!! So how do we use it?

There are several ways to use this herb, all easy.

The first is by making a simple tea. I boil a small handfull for about ten minutes , let sit till the next day. Reheat it and serve. I add a

little cinnamin and honey to this. To make a super tea add green tea to this and flavor with honey and cinnamin! Strong tea.

Second way is to extract using alcohol. Get a jar , fill with star anise and cover with vodka. Boiling water will extract but alchohol is

reputed to work even better. Close and let sit for four to six weeks. Very potent! Keep in mind what Roche says about how much

it uses for a dose about 13 grams.

The third way is even easier. Simply chew the star anise. Just guessing here since Roche says it uses 13 grams to make a dose

would it be sensible to use maybe 20 grams ,spread out over ten days, to simply chew this? Another good option.

While star anise is the best source it is not the only source for Shikimic acid. Another good source, but a lesser source, is

Ginkgo!!! Ginkgo, another Chinese herb contains this . Many people already use Ginkgo daily and this is what i plan to use

on a daily basis and leave the star anise for when i start to feel sick. Ginkgo can be bought in many different ways, capsules,

extracts and my favorite just in leaf form. This is what i use daily to help keep the body´s natural resistance up. I put a little ginkgo

in a tea cup and add a green tea bag and have two to three cups a day.these different herbs could be the reason people have such

different results with this flu. But this is a great source of Shikimic acid. I now take two ginko biloba tablets a day along with 500vitamin C.

Another way to get Shikimic acid is through either sweet gum tree seeds or pine needles. . I do not have any personal experience

with these as herbs and they are included as a reference only.

Where to buy herbs?

In most cities there are a few stores that sell herbs in bulk.Whether that is the health food store, co op, whatever they usually sell

these herbs. I bought a pound of star anise for about ten dollars. Another source are Chinese stores. The Ginkgo and the Star Anise

are Chinese herbs and many of their stores will have these. If you are going to add green tea to these teas that is best bought at a

Chinese store also. The processing of green tea is very important and this is why i prefer to buy at a Chinese store.

I hope hat gives you a good idea about how flu medicines are made and what ingredients are in them.Again if you have any

symptoms of flu get to medical care right away, do not delay.
Reiki Light
Reiki Light

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Hebs for the Flu Empty Re: Hebs for the Flu

Post by Reiki Light on Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:00 pm

Thank you so much, I love this kind of remedy! cheers
Divine Light
Divine Light

Female Posts : 304
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Job/hobbies : Usui Reiki Master

Hebs for the Flu Empty Re: Hebs for the Flu

Post by Divine Light on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:09 pm

ECHINACEA, Enhances lymphatic function and boosts immune system too.
Very popular plant too.

Hebs for the Flu Glits_a3a29bef3707fae44a904f4ae7a17f81
Senior Member
Senior Member

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Hebs for the Flu Empty Re: Hebs for the Flu

Post by Maya on Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:28 pm

Echinacea is a true elixir! Almost a month ago I got a cold that didn't want to go away... I was caughing right from the lungs, not neck, night and day and I didn't want to take antibiotics, though it was the last thing remaining to do. I got echinacea (daily) and within a week or less, my one month cold was history!

Now I am thinking of trying hyppofaes (I don't know how it's called in english) which is far better from what I have heard. Well, echinacea wins in toning the immune system, but now that I don't have an emergency cold, I think I am going to try hyppofaes just for prevention. THIS is a TRUE elixir!! It combines so many good things -at least that's what my reasearch says... Maybe it is a nice opportunity for some extra information. Hope it's not that irrelevant to the subject cause it is also a plant... if it is irrelevant though, please move it whenever it should be.

My reasearch says:
-It combines 190 nutrition ingredients
-Vitamin C (for helping the immune system)
-Vitamine E (for mental and body efficiency)
-Vitamins Ω3, Ω6, Ω9, Ω7
-For strength and energy
-Helping the heart-nerve system
-Preventing cancer
-Preventing premature aging
-Giving vitality and health
-Regulates body operation
-Increases body operation against diseases and stress
-Protects the nerve system
-Vitamin A (for eyes, skin, hair, nail)
-Helps the good operation of the digestive system
-Makes the metabolism quicker
-Gives a feeling of saturation
-Protects from sun rays

Plus something else I wasn't able to translate Razz Sorry if you see anything strange there, most of the words I saw in a dictionary...

Hope that helps! If I try it, I'll come back with a feedback Wink

Female Capricorn Posts : 97
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Location : France
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Hebs for the Flu Empty Re: Hebs for the Flu

Post by uriel on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:31 pm

Is there a natural remedy for Sinus problems?

I suffer every year when our heating goes on 24/7. I have tried a humidifier with eucyluptus oils which helps.

Love &  Light


sending love

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Hebs for the Flu Empty Re: Hebs for the Flu

Post by Sponsored content

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