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Question about the Cosmic Healing Bank


Full Member
Full Member

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Question about the Cosmic Healing Bank

Post by pmcnally on Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:42 pm

I have a question about the following:

Using the Cosmic Healing Bank ( taken from the Ka Shen Manual)

Because your treatments will now be more powerful, it will be more important to use
the Cosmic Healing Bank with every treatment – both for hands on and distant
treatments. This will enable you to deliver the maximum amount of healing with
every treatment, while at the same time safeguarding against overdosing the receiver.

At the beginning of each treatment, ask that the receiver receive as much of the
healing now as they need now (or if it’s a distant treatment, at the specified time), and
that any extra be held in the Cosmic Healing Bank under their name, for them to
receive automatically, as needed for their Highest Good, at the discretion of their
Higher Self.

I am coming from a Usui Reiki background and maybe that is why I am confused.
In Usui you can not give too much, and I can understand wanting to protect from giving to much, but are we really "giving" and not just being a conduit for "receiveing"?
If the higher self can take from the cosmic bank at it's discretion couldn't it just do so directly from the source of universal energy?
If the Higher self knows enough to get more when needed, is it not also involved in the receiving and wouldn't it know enough to stop receiving?

Thanks to anyone who can help clarify this for me.
Divine Light

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Re: Question about the Cosmic Healing Bank

Post by Divine Light on Sun Dec 13, 2009 12:20 pm


Yes, in Usui Reiki you can't give too much energy. But you can also use the " Cosmic Healing Bank" with Usui and place Healing sessions in it for the person to pull it down when ever needed.

To answer to your question, when the practitioner gives energy to the person, it is much more concentrated than if that person was "taking" it directly from the Universe.

Love & Light to you, dear Paula.

Full Member
Full Member

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Post by pmcnally on Sun Dec 13, 2009 4:28 pm

Hopefully this will never happen....but say I forgot to use the cosmic bank. How would overdosing manifest itself? What would the symptoms look like? How can you tell when someone has has too much? I want to be sure I could recognize the signs and stop right away. Pmcnally
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The Cosmic Bank and Overdosing

Post by shizenergy on Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:16 am

The information in that manual about safeguarding against overdosing the receiver is only intended to apply to Ka Shen Sekhem and does not apply to Usui Reiki. Ka Shen can be a lot stronger than Usui Reiki and for that reason, working with it requires taking a greater level of responsibility for the effects the treatment may have on the receiver. It also requires being more of an “active” conduit for the energy than you would be when working with Usui Reiki. Working with it is more like carefully administering medicine as intuitively guided, as opposed to just opening up a channel and allowing the reveiver to draw as much as they need.

With regard to the questions in your second post here, about “overdosing”…

If you are working with Usui Reiki, I don’t think overdosing can happen. If you were working with Ka Shen Sekhem and your approach was to be responsible, aware and careful, it is also unlikely that it would happen.

Those words you quoted were from is the Ka Shen Level 2 manual. study
By the time someone starts working with the level 2 energy (which is more powerful than Level 1 energy), they would have had a certain degree of experience with the energy and should be able to tell (based on a combination of intuition and experience with reading the energy flow) when the receiver has had enough. Using the Cosmic Healing Bank is an extra and recommended precaution with Ka Shen but if you have experience and are being careful, you could usually safely give a treatment without it. (However, I am not recommending doing that!)

I have overdosed someone on more than one occasion in the past using Ka Shen Sekhen or Seichim, when I did not have a lot of experience. Although I didn’t notice any symptoms at the time of giving the treatments, the symptoms overdosed receivers have experienced include feeling dizzy, feeling nauseous, being unable to sleep at night, feeling over-electricfied and being worried about what is happening to them. Crying or Very sad

If you are working with Ka Shen Sekhem and are concerned that you may give someone too much, just ask for guidance, stay tuned in and trust. (Plus use the Bank!) It is more likely to happen if someone is taking a “less responsible” and “less careful” approach. The fact that you are concerned in the first place probably means that you are being aware and responsible enough that it won’t happen anyway. Very Happy

- Peter

Last edited by shizenergy on Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:05 am; edited 2 times in total

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Full Member

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Re: Question about the Cosmic Healing Bank

Post by pmcnally on Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:06 am

Thank You both. Your answers were very helpful. Pmcnally
Divine Light

Female Posts : 304
Points : 490
Job/hobbies : Usui Reiki Master

Re: Question about the Cosmic Healing Bank

Post by Divine Light on Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:34 pm

I agree with Peter, on the symptoms and on the fact that Usui Reiki will not overdose.

According to my experience in "Pranic Healing" overdoses are bringing aggravation of all kind depending on what ailment it is.
In this case a complete general sweeping is done and local sweeping also to relief the patient.

But in your case it will never happen with Usui and with Ka Shen Sekhem or ordinary Seichim, use the cosmic healing bank Wink

Love & Light

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Re: Question about the Cosmic Healing Bank

Post by Sponsored content

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