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Chakra Movement

Aes Sedia
Aes Sedia

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Chakra Movement Empty Chakra Movement

Post by Aes Sedia on Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:53 pm

I'm just beginning to be able to sense the chakras. My reiki treatments have not only been beneficial but has sent me into a very intense healing process of mind, body and spirit. This has not always been comfortable when coming to grips and dealing with the source of blockages to assist in removing them.

At times I feel like my heart and solar plexus are going in the wrong directions? I feel a fast counterclockwise (on myself) motion and I get a feeling of tension that's slightly overwhelming through out the area.
I'm concerned that they are moving in the wrong direction and are spinning too fast and that the solar plexus and heart are blocking me from being able to strengthen upper level chakras

Sometimes slowly moving my hand in a clockwise motion helps temporarily but does not resolve the problem. I believe in a balance of reiki and modern medicine so I have made an appointment with a psychiatrist to see if unresolved emotional issues are the cause of the solar plexus and heart disturbances.

Does anyone know what causes counter clockwise motions and why I sense a dizzying swirl?

Thank You,
Aes Heart

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