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    please consider me as a moderator

    Full Member
    Full Member

    Taurus Posts : 6
    Points : 10
    Location : bakersfield California USA
    Job/hobbies : drafting, healing, spirit communication, fishing, helping anyone i can free of charge and many more

    please consider me as a moderator

    Post by mikefarley001 on Sat May 31, 2014 3:46 pm

    HI my name is michael Farley. I have 31 years experience in the healing area as i am a born healer. I am also a Master/teacher for the system of USUI ROYHO REIKI at 4th degree. I am also a celestine reiki practitioner looking to be at the master level soon as i like taking things very slow and let everthing/energies integrate. I do not atuune more than one level of reiki at once as some others do!
    I am 31 years old and have had 7 years in the practice of reiki "After the natural heaing energies. I had been spontaneously initiated before i started the reiki training. most of my reiki training has been "in person" by taking classes.
    I have a lot to offer this forum whether it be questins answered a mentor or giving ideas in which i have a very large idea which is the reason for the spontaneous initiation as my guide has told me and i was suposed to have done this along time ago. I will Post this idea as a sticky once i am OR IF i am accepted as a moderator.
    I am from Bakersfield, California USA (pacific standard time)
    I will provide healings and once in awhile a week of attunements per month as i start out and get the feel for being a moderator and once i am integrated into it, i will possibly create a full time attunements and sessions, depending what time ill be working at my next new job.
    I do not and have NEVER charged for my services although it can be nice having a treatment in return but is not essential LOL i promise!
    i am online in the AM starting 5AM PST and pretty much going off and on all day long never longer than 30 minutes in between.

    why i want to be a moderator? well, i have so much knowledge and experience in the reiki community and or healing community, i have much to offer and share. how to teach using the symbols as a "focus" tool, but also many people do not know this but the symbols (some of them) were created not only for the purpose of focus but a purpose to perfect your life and the way you see your life in a very humble and positive manner. I believe i can provide a large and better perspective manner on reiki with much heko if you accept me as a moderator you will not be disappointed!
    thank you for your consideration and i hope you do me the honor.
    -Michael Farley

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