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Has anyone used dowsers in diagnosing illness? I accidentally stumbled on this


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Has anyone used dowsers in diagnosing illness? I accidentally stumbled on this

Post by rachysetty on Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:01 pm

In a development circle I am part of we looked at a few things last week and I was showing one of the girls how to check if her chakras were balanced with a dowser and then charging them up and clearing them with Reiki.

As I was talking to her I suggested again a condition which I had picked up on earlier (I presume using my psychic/medium skills) and my dowser switched to 'yes' mode, moving from swinging in a large, perfectly charged circle a back and forth 'yes' like crazy. Obviously I have suggested she talk to her doctor about this. (She googled her symptoms the next day and she was surprised that they matched - I didn't know these symptoms out of interest as we were just looking at chakras).

I would like to look into this aspect further and wondered if anyone else had done this and what their experiences were.

I would think I would struggle to practice much with it as it relys on someone being ill, currently I have few Reiki clients and most practice is in circle or share groups. So would be interested to see what others thought.

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