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    My Reiki Crystal

    New Member
    New Member

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    My Reiki Crystal Empty My Reiki Crystal

    Post by jane0338 Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:42 am

    I started practicing energy healing long before I heard of Reiki. Shortly into my experience, I began using crystals to aid during healing. Crystals were a wonderful aid, but when I started using a Reiki Pen Crystal (www.reikipen.com) it became extraordinary. Not only were the treatments and healings more effective, but I was experiencing transformations in my own life, my own healing and connection.
    Today, I understand that there is a massive consciousness shift happening, and that there are great changes coming about. I understand that never before has Man been faced with today's level of toxicity in his environment and food supply. Never before has Man been so separated from Nature, and from Spirit. Never before has Man been in so great a need of healing as he is Today.
    Thus, we are given what we need to transcend, to expand, to grow our connection, to co-create, to experience and participate in the Great Healing. I have found what I need. Since these crystals came into my life, it has been transforming in the most amazing way. The energy work and Reiki that I do has reached new levels. I have experienced profound expansions in my meditation practices. I am entering higher levels and states of consciousness and Being. I am greater realizing my Self, and my Creator. I do not credit the crystal with all of it - but I recognize that it plays a central role in the unfolding of current events in my life. I recognize the synchronicity of when the Reiki pen crystal came into my life and how the doors became opening at a rapid pace. It is all truly related.

    So, I believe that crystals can be incredible tools to healers and seekers of all kinds. I believe that different crystals serve different purposes, as the ancients have taught us. I have found that the Reiki pen, which is a vogel crystal - the best energy amplifier - that has been filled with different gems for Reiki work, is a dynamic energy wand unlike any other I have used. Wow!

    I hope sharing my experience will encourage others to try different tools to incorporate into their Reiki healing, that our efforts are more effective and will help to greater transform the world as we transform ourselves and the world around us. My personal recommendation is the Reiki Pen, for me it has been as they advertise, 'the ultimate Reiki tool'.

    My best to All in Service. Love and Light!

    Divine Light
    Divine Light

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    My Reiki Crystal Empty Re: My Reiki Crystal

    Post by Divine Light Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:12 pm

    Hi Jane,

    Welcome to the REIKI FORUM Smile
    And thank you so much for sharing with us your experince with crystals.
    Crystals are such wonderful tools Super!

    What's your Reiki level ? Usui ?

    Read you soon and welcome again

    Love & Light

    Full Member
    Full Member

    Taurus Posts : 9
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    Location : bakersfield California USA
    Job/hobbies : drafting, healing, spirit communication, fishing, helping anyone i can free of charge and many more

    My Reiki Crystal Empty Re: My Reiki Crystal

    Post by mikefarley001 Mon May 04, 2015 6:32 am

    I use crystals during treatments daily regardless how many people. my favorite IS and will lwys be clear quartz and/or herkimer diamond with a small Citrine. the work amazing together although they are all quartz anyways Smile hehehe. I will never work without crystals again if i do not have to. one other neat thing about this is the crystls hve seemed to opened the small chakras on my fingers and palms, places i never knew chakras existed. How amazing life is !!!!

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    My Reiki Crystal Empty Re: My Reiki Crystal

    Post by Sponsored content

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