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    Post by lovingvibrations Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:47 am

    Hi all,

    I completed my Reiki training with a Usui Reiki Master (Shiki Ryoho lineage) in Nepal and at the time of learning level 2 & 3, I received a number of additional symbols as part of this. As i progressed on my Reiki and healing pathway, I came to realise that there are perhaps quite a few Reiki Masters who share additional frequencies and symbols as part of their Usui Reiki teachings.

    Those who have done the Karuna Reiki training for example, they will have received a number of other symbols for their healing practices and there are also other, lesser known practices that work with symbols to bring about healing and purification within.

    i am curious to know how many people on this 'Reiki' forum are working with other symbols in their practices or whether people would be interested to start working with additional symbols for their practice?

    Happy healing to all!!

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